Digital SLR

Digital SLR (DSLR) Camera Repair

We have led the way in DSLR camera repair by being the first to offer affordable CCD sensor cleaning and same-day service.* From damaged memory card slots and circuits, mirror box problems, shutter problems and focusing issues, we can repair it all.** We repair Nikon digital SLRs. All digital SLR camera repairs include a CCD or CMOS sensor cleaning, a general function check and external cleaning. Firmware upgrades are available upon request.

*Same-day CCD/CMOS sensor cleaning service is by appointment only. Please contact us in advance to arrange a drop-off and pick-up time. We request a minimum of 3 hours to professionally clean your senor.

**Some repairs may require factory service due to parts availability, over-all cost of repair, or in some cases the factory may request that the equipment be sent to them for evaluation.