Repair Now

Steps to Get your Equipment Repaired:

1. Fill out the Repair Request Form

Please fill out and submit our Repair Request Form. We will send you a confirmation email and/or call you to follow up.

2. Package Your Equipment

* Use a box large enough to allow 2-3″ of packaging material on all 6 sides.
* Seal your equipment in a plastic bag to keep it clean and dry.
* Be sure to package your equipment securely.
* Please enclose only the accessories that are related to the problem.

We cannot be held liable for lost accessories or images on any cameras or media cards. We cannot be held liable for damage caused by improperly or mis-packed shipments.

3. Ship Your Equipment

Ship using UPS, Fed-Ex, or US Mail pre-paid, and insured for the full replacement value of your equipment.

We recommend using a shipping company that will allow you to insure and track your package. Ship your equipment andthe Repair Request Form to:

California Precision Service, Inc.
1714 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

Diagnostic, Shipping and Handling Fees

Type or Style Diagnostic Fee1 S/H Fee 2
Digital SLRs $45 $30 + insurance
Compact Digital $45 $20+
Medium Format (Body/Lenses) $45 $30 + insurance
35mm SLRs $45 $20+
35mm Point ‘n Shoot $45 $20+
Lenses $30 $20 + insurance

1The diagnostic fee pays for the technician’s time to disassemble your equipment and determining the part(s) needing to be repaired or replaced and the cost of the repair needed by your equipment.  This amount applies against the total cost of repair.  If the total cost of repair is less than this amount, the repair will be completed without an estimate.  There are no refunds available for the diagnostic fee.  No equipment out of warranty will be released unless this fee is paid in full.

2 Shipping and handling charges can vary depending on the location shipped to, the number of items being shipped and cost of insurance for equipment.  Customers providing their own form of shipping incur a minimum $10 handling fee per item.  We cannot be held liable for accurate shipping times or items shipped to the incorrect address by customers providing their own form of shipping.  We also cannot be held liable for lost or damaged items that were not insured by customers providing their own form of shipping.